FIXED: Trackpad Issues in TD with Macbook Pro

Yes splitting the pane makes the new network window navigable!

Just a quick update. We’ve reproduced it a couple of times but somewhat unreliably. We think toggling group dialog (cmd+g) may get rid of the state but we’ve only done that once. It is possible that ‘p’ to bring up the parameter dialog may reset it as well.

If you are able to reproduce this, can you let me know if double clicking on the network editor still brings up the OP Create Dialog? And whether box select via the trackpad works? Thank you.

Toggling ‘p’ works for me - but it’s only a temporary fix i.e. has to be repeated every time you RC on a connector in order to restore navigation panning.

Alright, I should have a fix for this. This bug was introduced after 2022.31030, so going back to an earlier version should be fine. This only happens when Trackpad settings has Secondary click set to Click with 2 fingers. To reproduce do a 2 finger click next to an output connector on a node, and you should be able to get into a non panning state easily. This bad state will be reset after getting bringing up the RMB menu on the network. I’ll have a fix for the next release.

@stephanebissieres can you confirm the issue you have that is also in 31030?

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Hi Selina,

Thank you for the update, great you can fix it !

I can indeed reproduce the non panning state with 2 finger click next to an output.

Before version 31030 I was on an intel MacBook and never had this issue, it might be specific to silicon MBp

I was having this issue on a 2021 MacbookPro, Thank you @selina!That workaround fixed the issue!


There’s a new build posted with the fix, hopefully the problem is gone for good.

Problem persists on a trackpad with a MacStudio as of version 32660

Same problem here. I can use right click to get rid of the bug for a while, but it persists. I’m using a Macbook Pro M2 Ventura

Can you let us know which build you are using and what are your trackpad settings for Secondary click? Thanks.