FIXED: Unreal Engine 4.27 crash with plugin

I have compiled the plugin to unreal 4.27, it looks to be working until I exit UE4.27, then I get this crash.

this plugin is basically the “v0.9.2 B” that I just recompiled to UE4.27
here are a copy of the plugin as I have it,
https ://!AomPuplIlrVnn5AqKRD_MQzx8GIY-A?e=Cc3PMX

I have that placed in my UE4.27 project folder in the Plugins folder, and even an empty blank project crash on exit.
I really need this plugin for UE4.27, as well as UE5.00

Hey @CorneliusA

The plugin is currently not tested against UE 4.27.

There are no plans for UE5 just yet and it will probably not come before the official stable release of UE5.

Thanks for your patience,


Hi Michel
UE4.27 have been production ready released on the 19th of August, more than a month ago.
what is the current plans and eta for a tested version of 4.27?

how high up on your priority list is getting the plugin to work with the latest versions of unreal as soon as possible, because our current project is largely depending on using touch with unreal, and we are stuck in 4.26.
if we are going to be stuck waiting for plugins then we will have to redesign out setup to exclude touch and we would rather not have to do that.

also I am well aware of UE5 being in beta, but would really like you to reconsider releasing a 5.00 beta plugin, because there are lots of benefits in UE5 that we want to explore the cutting edge of what we can achieve, and again would prefer doing so with UE5 able to work with touch.

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Apologies for the delay.

Those issues are now fixed in the latest version of the plugin (v0.9.3)