FIXED:Update Collision Shape toggle and Instances

I’m finally finding some time to play with physics in depth, and enjoying the implementation of the bullet library.

I can’t tell if what I’m seeing here is a bug or a RFE - and it may well be user error TBH.

Working with instanced actors, if the scale of my instance changes I need to manually pulse update the Update Collision Shape parameter on the Actor COMP. Leaving the toggle on doesn’t seem to have an effect when working with instances - this does work ask expected when using a single SOP, and pulse updating this par does work with instances… just not leaving the toggle on.

Yeah that sounds like a bug. I will look into this. Thanks for the report.

This will be fixed in the next official release.

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yesss! You’re the best @eric.b

This bug hasn’t been fixed yet, right? Will it still take some time to fix it?

Are you still experiencing the issue? The fix is in the latest official build.

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thank you for your reply.
I am using the latest 2021.16270.

Dynamic Collishion doesn’t respond

I want the gear and the ball to collide.

(File is attached)

Switching the gears to constrained dynamic compound shapes should fix the issue:

emoji.toe (7.3 KB)

In the attached file, I changed gears to be dynamic actors instead of static, added point-to-point constraints (via Constraint COMP) so they remain in place, and split the SOPs used for the collision shape into 2 so that the compound shape can built up properly. Also, I increased the gears’ masses to be much more than the balls’ so that they would not be slowed so much by all the balls falling.

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Thank you!
I didn’t study enough

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