FIXED: Using customPages[].addPar with toggle par reference throws error but executes correctly

As the title says. Might be the case for other par references too? (not for float)


  1. Add a custom par page to /project1 of the default startup file
  2. Add a Noise TOP in /project1
  3. Run the following script in textport: op('/project1').customPages[0].appendPar('Mono',par=op('/project1/noise1').par.mono)
  4. The textport shows an error: td.tdError: Custom menu parameter expected. Value:type:Par name:Amp owner:/project1 value:False Type:<class 'td.Par'>.
  5. Notice that the parameter was actually added correctly to /project1’s custom par page despite the error

Workaround: run the appendPar in a try-except block

Thanks for the example. It’s been logged in our database.

This will now be fixed in builds 2022.31680 and later.

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