FIXED:Using expression with Timer "go to done" pulse parameter doesn't work consistently


TD builds 2022.29530 and 2022.33600
Windows 10

When stopping a Timer CHOP using an expression through its “Go to done” pulse button I’m occasionnaly faced with situations where the expression stops having any effect. This seems to happen randomly when I return to work on the network the next day or when I disconnect/reconnect OPs in the network.

I’ve attached a simplified version of what is currently causing me difficulties allong with instructions on how to recreate the problem inside the TOE file. So far I’ve only found one way to systematically cause the problem but it also appears to happen randomly on occasion.

timer done bug.toe (11.4 KB)

Thanks for the detailed example. We will have a closer look.

This will now be fixed in builds 2022.46340 and later.
Thanks for the example.

Wonderful, thanks Rob!