FIXED: Value Ladder bug with EC2 Remote Protcol

I’m trying to use TouchDesigner in EC2, AWS Cloud GPU instances.
It seems work fine in Cloud instances, but I noticed that value ladder has some problem.

this problem is sounds similer to this topic here.

It skips some value when start move mouse side, like start from 1 to jump to 101 or even bigger number.

I tested with several Remote Desktop Protocol, RDP, NiceDCV, PERSEC.
Each Protcol has slitelly different attitude in value ladder.
Persec was looked fine with 0.01, 0.1 but 1, 10th did’t work as expected.
NiceDCV was worse because you can’t go negative, even move the mouse to the left, value goes up. and give back way too high number.
RDP didn’t work as expected either.

EC2: Windows Server 2022 Datacenter
Instance Type:g5.4xlarge
TouchDesigner Version: 2022.32120
Crient OS: Windows 10 Home 21H2
Tested Protcol:
RDP, NICE DCV 2022.2.8570.0, Persec Build 150-87c

I recorded videos for each Protocol. so please check thease.
I hope that this problem can be resolved because Combining Cloud compute and TouchDesinger has a lot of possibility for the future of Visual Art and that can’t achive with out “Value Ladder” support in Remote Desktop Protocol.
Thank you!




Hey @lunacava,

this is indeed the same issue. We’ll let you know once we found a solution to this.


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This should be improved/fixed in the latest experimental build 2023.11220. Use caution as working in these builds and saving your projects means you can not go and reload those projects into older builds.

That said, let us know how it works for you when you have a chance to try it.