FIXED: Video Device In TOP hangs when closing toe

I’m running Windows 10 with Nvidia RTX 3060, 16GB RAM, Non commercial version 2021.15800

This issue may be an issue with NDI sources OR the Media Foundation lib. this issue requires NDI to be installed, I think.

This is very simple to reproduce. Create a toe file with one videodevicein TOP and choose a camera thats on and working. choose the Media Foundation library. Save it. Turn the camera off. Open the toe again and the TOP will revert to the NDI source. When you try to close the toe, it hangs. If you try to change the lib, it hangs.

When I change the cam to use DirectShow, it doesn’t seem to hang in the same scenario. It would seem to be a library issue.

Sorry if this is already known.

Hey @deseipel

Thanks for the report.

I think I was able to reproduce - didn’t need to save and caused a hang when switching on Media Foundation from NDI to my Logitech camera.

I will log an issue for a developer to look into it,


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Any update on this

Hello @deseipel

A fix should be available in 2022.20150 (experimental).

It is likely that it will not be brought to 2021.10k though.


what is the workaround for this? It’s extremely annoying.

This is still happening in the latest release

Wasn’t aware this was still an issue, we will try to reproduce and refix again. Thanks for your patience.

Builds 2022.28550 should have another fix that I hope resolves this for you.

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