FIXED: Video Stream In crash when stream changes

[win 2019.15840]

when playing a rtsp stream with the Video Stream In TOP, and the properties of the stream change (such as image resolution), or the stream is restarted on the sender, TD crashes.

Expected behaviour:
The Video Stream In TOP should disconnect and/or give a warning/error, but it should never take down TD.

can’t really attach an example, my .toe network is empty except a Video Stream In TOP set to the local rtsp:// address of an IP-security camera. If I change settings on the camera, I will crash TD. When I restart TD and reconnect to the stream all is ok.

cheers, Idzard

Could you share the .dmp files with us?

woops sorry yes.
Currently on other machine so these dumps are from 2019.15230 but crashes are the same in 2019.15840
TouchDesignerCrash099.x64.2019.15230.2.dmp (196 KB)
TouchDesignerCrash099.x64.2019.15230.1.dmp (207 KB)

Thanks, we’ll take a look!

maybe already any news on this? Have a project using rtsp stream going on tour soon and would love this issue to be tackled beforehand. If you need any more info let me know!

This crash will be fixed in the next build of 2019.10000 series we post.