FIXED: Videostreamin TOP jerky output since version 2022.32660

I’m using TD on Windows 11 and Nvidia RTX3080 and since I update to the version 2022.32660 I have issues with the videostreamin TOP, I use m3u8 url from youtube direct and the video is jerky , and it was not with previous versions…

By the way using mjpg streams url from security cameras had always give me jerky videos…

Is there a way to solve this?

Thank you

Hello @damienpetitot

Can you provide an URL to a stream showcasing the issue you are facing so that we can attempt to reproduce ?

Additionally, it’d be great if you can share all the non-default settings set on your VideoStream In TOP.


Hello Michel,
You can try these mjpg streams:

For the youtube streams it’s harder to give you an url as they change every 3 hours, I explain how to get it there: Q: YouTube streaming error - #5 by damienpetitot
Basically you need to open the source code of the page and find the .m3u8 url.

The Video Stream In TOP as the default settings, except the url of course, and no matter if I change size or frames, the stream still stop and go, stop and go,…

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hey @damienpetitot

Sorry for the delay.

I took the time to test this in depth and I can see some freeze every x frames which I am unable to get rid of.

I have logged this to have the input from a developer.


Thanks for the report. Yes this is new behavior that started in 2022.32190. I’ve fixed it and builds 2022.34780 and later should work better.

Hello Malcom,

Thanks for your answer. I download the last experimental build - 2023.10130 (I can’t find the 2022.34780) and the bug is still there.


Right sorry, that build was released before the fix. Both branches will have it though in the future.