FIXED: Websocket DAT connection problem

Hi there,

I’m trying to connect a remote server on TD (current version) but it doesn’t connect. I checked ip and port multiple times and disabled firewall. I also tried it with older TD version which has pro license and it connected without problem. I wonder if there’s a limitation on non-commercial license or something has been changed with Websocket DAT?

It’s possible you’re running into this issue here:

Can you send what’s output to the console when the connection fails? If you set the environment variable TOUCH_TEXT_CONSOLE=1 and then re-open TouchDesigner that will open the console window.

It says : “Timeout : connect timed out : …” as i toggle active on DAT.

I’ll check the thread also.

We have fixed this bug in our newly released official build: 2022.33600.

Would this bug be present in experimental? We’re seeing websockets on windows drop their connection with no warning. Same setup on Mac is solid.

The original bug in this post was caused by too short of a connection timeout that prevented the initial connection from succeeding in simple cases where the connection timeout exceeded the server ping. We fixed this by increasing the timeout value and by adding a Connection Timeout parameter. These changes are in the latest experimental, but anyway it sounds like your bug is different because your connection is successful but then is disconnected later on.

Do you experience this issue in the latest official build, 2022.35280? In your console (the one enabled with TOUCH_TEXT_CONSOLE=1) do you see any errors output?