FIXED: Websocket DAT not working

Websocket DAT not working, not able to connect to any address (no call backs or pings)

was following this tutorial and got stuck. seems like a few other people have encountered same issue with 2022 build.

have also tested the Websocket DAT operator snippet with default address - also not working

Windows 10 2022.32120
also not working in Windows 10 2022.24200

Can confirm Websocket DAT working properly in Windows 10 Build 2021.16960

Same issue here ! it did trick me for a while:)

Not Working


On Windows 10 / 19045.2965

Hmm I was having some issues with the websocket dat too, ill swap to an older version and see if my issues go away

So, using the Snippet, clearing what’s in the tables, if you connect to, and run the runMe DAT, you don’t get the following ?

Same issue for @oliviano @GRNCH ?

thanks for the replies - correct - it seems like it’s unable to connect.

Reset / Active on websocket1 doesn’t seem to do anything, nor does running the runMe script… just nothing… no logs in Textport either

If you set the environment variable TOUCH_TEXT_CONSOLE=1 and restart TouchDesigner then any Websocket errors will be output in a separate console window. Can you send what errors you receive (if any) when connecting to ws://

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I expect this is the same issue that others were running into in this thread:

We have fixed this bug in our newly released official build: 2022.33600.

Please try this build out and let us know how it works for you.