FIXED: Widgets - fieldString - Word Wrap - Cursor Shift

Hey There,

I’m still a bit stuck with the fieldString Widget. I am trying to use the fieldString Widget so that my client can change the text being used in an external application. Since it will happen that they will copy paste some text out of Emails or whatever it seems necessary for me to enable “Word Wrap” in the Text TOP being used in the Widget. I was a bit surprised that the Word Wrap parameter wasn’t bind to the Widget, but now I realize its maybe because some issues are connected to this.

In the screenshot you can see that the selection of the text doesn’t really work. And it’s not only the preview. Trying to delete all characters (Ctrl+a, Del) doesn’t work, it leaves the last 5 or 6 characters from the text, the amount of left over characters is dependent on the amount of lines the text has. Editing the text is impossible because the visual cursor is shifted by a few characters, also related to the number of lines.

Is this sth only I am experiencing? Is this something derivative knows about and tries to fix? Or does anybody know a smarter way of doing a Word Wrap?

I’m on Windows 10, Build 16600.
Text Widget - Edit with Word Wrap.PNG
Text Widget - Edit with Word Wrap-leftover.PNG


Can you post a sample .toe file so I can look at this?


This will be fixed in the next official 2019.17310+. Thanks for the report!

Thanks for the quick support!!!