FIXED:[win 10 x64 2021.14360] alembic import CPU winding order bug

Hi, I’ve found a bug with the build before latest. I haven’t seen this mentioned in the release notes, so posting.

Alembic files are imported with incorrect vertex orders, causing normals and uvs to be scrambled in a bizzare but consistent and fixable way.

you can see the problem here with the simpler 5 point plane. Below is a properly imported OBJ.

and here is the same geo, imported as alembic:

Here is the folder with 3d assets and example file! Hope this helps.
alembic import (55.6 KB)

Hey @lucasm

Thanks for the report and example files.

I will log an issue for a developer to look into it.

Interestingly, the Direct To GPU toggle and/or Compute Normals do solve the issue, or at least partially.


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Ya I noticed that as well. I think the calculate normals just overwrites whatever is there using some td native algo( like facet top?) The uvs when i turned that on still seemed wonky.

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This will be fixed in the next official build, 2021.15270+. Thanks for the report.

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