FIXED: Win 2019.16600 c++ chop getInputChop

I’m creating a custom operator with two inputs. I’m testing it as a custom operator, NOT a c++ chop.

If I wire only one connection into its second input, it crashes on “inputs->getInputCHOP(0);”
In this case, isn’t getInputCHOP(0) supposed to return nullptr, and I should therefore try to do getInputCHOP(1)?

Wrapping it in a try/catch doesn’t prevent the error. Thanks for any advice/best practices.

Thanks, looking at it.

I’m unable to reproduce this issue in both 16600 and the latest build. Any extra info you can give or can you share your .toe file and source?

Yes here’s the line of code that can help debug. … P.cpp#L199

I hope that if you hit F5 to build this solution ( … erCHOP.sln)
it’ll put a dll in the Plugins folder. If F5 also opens TouchDesigner with the debugger, then you can create the custom operator from the op-create menu. If you then wire anything into the second or third input it’ll crash. I’m hoping that getInputCHOP(0) will just return nullpointer, but it seems to crash. I’m testing with 18580 now.

Thanks for the sample, this crash will be fixed in the next build we post.

Woohoo thank you.