FIXED: [Win10 64; 099 2022.33910] - Corrupted Time Machine TOP || 3D Texture TOP


I’m currently building a tool that loads every frame of a video into a 3D Texture so that it can be played back using a TimeMachineTOP. The loading part seems to be working fine, but sometimes, the TimeMachineTOP gets stuck and doesn’t retrieve the frame from the 3D texture.

I can see every frame in the 3D Texture preview and tried recreating a new TimeMachineTOP but that does not fix the problem.

Here’s the code used to recreate the problem.
TD-BUG_TimeMachine-3DTexture.toe (285.2 KB)

Thanks for you time!

Thanks for the report. This will be fixed in the next build we release. You can avoid the bug if you use the Pre-Fill method of filling the TOPs rather than manual ‘Replace Index’ method.

Great news! Thanks for the reply.
To be sure that I understand, do you mean that doing a pre-fill before starting to replace index manually could avoid this bug? Otherwise, I fail to see how I could use Pre-Fill to save all the frame of my video.

Also, a bit unrelated to the first issue but, is there a way I could share Texture3D or Cache TOP between processes? I need to distribute the loading and processing across multiple instances of TD since my bottleneck at the moment seems to be CPU bound.

I found an example of using Pre-Fill to load all the frames in operator snippets. I didn’t know this was possible! Thanks!