Flame Vortex - 2019-10-10 16:16

Flame Vortex

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Seems super crashy with the new update to Flow Emitter. I’ve replaced the comp and top, but can’t get very far before a hard crash (not even a stall or autocrash file). This seems to be linked to driving the Angular Velocity with dynamic Data… its fine with the LFO, but to hook in audio crashes it immediately.

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Actually, its just as crashy in the stable build with old flow emitter when I put a new track in there. Anyone else having this problem? Still linked to Angular Velocity

Haven’t had a problem in my testing using GTX1070 and Quadro K5000 cards. How old are your graphics drivers?

Brand new 2060 mobile, up to date Nvidia drivers. Can’t post a dump, could make a screen recording if that’s helpful

Unfortunately my system is stable when driving Angular Velocity with audio. To see your fuull setup and try to reproduce, could you upload your example file to the Bugs forum?