Flexible Borders in Comps with Panels

I often find that I want the option for thicker borders then the default border option under the Look tab of a Container. I know I can make my own with a background TOP, but there seems to be no way to make that ignore Children margins like a border should, even if the bg TOP is not a child of the COMP, so I can’t contain children COMPS within my custom borders.

the two easy solutions would be to add a Borderwidth par to the Look menu for A and B, and/or to add an option for Background TOPs to ignore Children margins. Are either of these reasonably implementable?

+1 for Borderwidth par. This would be a very welcome addition.

Set the topFill mode to native resolution and use the parentPanelSize as resolution in your bg top with the child component set to fill.

It would still be nice if those borders were adjustable, especially in terms of increasing the size of the area that it could be resized from, which would be especially handy for touchscreen application

+1 from me as well…

Reasonable request. In the meantime, a workaround would be to create an overlay panel. Set Parent Alignment to Ignore and Ignore Margins. The Scroll Overlay parameter has settings that will help you work with scrollbars if necessary.

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@ivan that’s a cool approach, thanks for the heads up. I still don’t think it helps me with the original reason i went down this rabbit hole, which was trying to achieve wider active borders for dragging edges to resize on a touchscreen; I suppose i could get into some nonsense with scaling the child and setting the parents size to be the sum of the children sizes, but that’s getting a bit convoluted

Ah, yeah visual borders have nothing to do with wider active borders for dragging edges.
I’ll put in an RFE for the border width control.