FlexSolver & Pre Roll

I’m using a flex system (solver, actor,force) to create a simulation and i would like to reinitialise the project at some point (using analyse and trigger chop). However, I would like to skip the first few seconds as it is not very nice (quite messy). From the documentation, it seems that the preroll in the flex solver should do the trick but the documentation is not really clear on how to make it works…Does anyone can explain it in more details as I’m still a real beginner with nvidia flex?
Thank you for your time and help

The Pre-Roll Simulation Time is how many seconds it will simulate forward to get to its start state. Pre-Roll Steps per Frame is how many simulation steps to pack into each pre-roll cook. Typically when you’re simulating there will only be one simulation step per cook but you can add more for pre-roll to speed up the process. But bear in mind this can affect performance and will not behave as well with feedbacking. Show Pre-Roll simply toggles off whether or not the Actor COMP body positions are updated during the Pre-Roll process.

Eg. if you have pre-roll time set to 5 seconds and and Steps per Frame set to 2, then when the pre-roll finishes you will be 5 seconds forward in the simulation, but the pre-roll process will have taken 2.5 seconds.

I believe there is also a pre-roll OP Snippet for the Flex Solver COMP.