Flexsolver simulation stops

If a simulation is in a base comp and this simulation is only referenced by an outside select to the flex top inside the simulation base comp, the simulation stops when i am nto in the simualtion comp or an actor viewer is open.
See attached toe.
a) Go inside simForScene4
b) init and start flexsolver
c) go one level up: simulation stopped

d) go back one level down into simForScene4
e) open a viewer on actor2
f) go one level up: simulation runs[bugRefFlexwithSelect.toe|attachment]

I am on win10, TD 2020.22080
(upload://5pBE95effhjps4YFFrzBCmL774M.toe) (5.5 KB)

Looks like your file didn’t upload properly.

Anyway, one possible solution to this problem is to enable Always Simulate on the Flex Solver COMP.

Thnx…that worked
Uploaded the file again, just in case you need it
bugRefFlexwithSelect.toe (5.5 KB)

Please try this again in the next build we post, as it continues to simulate in my case with the internal build I am testing. Did you try the “Always Simulate” toggle?

Yes. As i sayed above i used the toggle and that worked. I will test the new build also and report back.

Tested with 23680.
TD crashes .
Go into simuForScene4
Start fsolver1…crash

GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, version 441.66
bugRefFlexwithSelect.toe (5.5 KB) CrashAutoSave.bugRefFlexwithSelect.1.toe (5.5 KB)

If init in fsolver is used before start, no TD crash.
Simulation does not stop (as described above under a) to c)
Always simulate is off

Could you send the dmp file as well, if it created one?

TouchDesignerCrash.2020.23680.1.dmp (219.8 KB)

there it is. sorry forgot about it :frowning:

Does the crash also occur in 2020.22080?

I dont know. I did not test that.

Does it crash consistently? I’m not able to reproduce on the cards I have here, though I don’t have a GTX 1660 Ti to test with – if you have some time could you verify if it crashes in the previous version?

I’d also recommend upgrading to the latest drivers. It’s crashing in the driver so there’s a possibility the issue is with your current version.

Ok i will do that…sunday or monday