FLIR / Point Gray - Device Name vs serial number

The device parameter for Flir cameras shows the Flir “Device Display Name” that is not editable on the camera.


Flir Support :

Unfortunately, the [Device Name] nodes are locked because they are read-only. The camera model name or display name cannot be changed or customized. You can only differentiate the cameras by serial number.

If you have multiple cameras that are the same, they all appear with a unique menu Label based on the order they were discovered.


It is very hard to find a camera when you have many of them to sift through.

Would it be possible to put the unique serial number in the menu label instead of the non-unique device name that we cannot change on camera?

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 2.36.00 PM
This menu is completely useless when trying to find a specific camera. The numbers are based on the order touch recognized the network camera.

I am attempting to do something more complicated to help organize the large number of cameras I have to reconnect to. My first idea is to record all of the serial numbers in a lookup table.

I noticed that the .par.device.menuNames list will show an almost unique ID code, is this the serial number?

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 2.38.07 PM

This string seems to be a mixture of unique ID and dynamic touchdesigner added numbering and naming values.
These strings are not the same every time because of the additional numbers added on the end.

If I create a look-up table, I want to only search for connected devices that match a unique ID in my table.

What are the values in this string that I can strip out and what parts constitute a specific camera ID?

V1|||2CDDA3648617_C0A81E07_FFFFFF00_00000000|||0|||0|||Blackfly S BFS-PGE-50S4M - 1

How would I check to see if a specific device is currently available even if it’s device menu name changes every day?

Yes, the serial number is build into that string. It’s separated built up using ||| as the separator between sections. The long number you see in there is the value I get from their SDK via

         * GetUniqueID
         * This returns a unique id string that identifies the camera.  This is the
         * camera serial number.
         * @return string that uniquely identifies the camera (serial number)
        GenICam::gcstring GetUniqueID();

So if you parse that out you can get the serial number. The issue with showing that in the dropdown is that the UI will become pretty unwieldy with how long that is.
Our matching for cameras first compares the that unique ID to try to find the correct camera, even if the menu order has changed. If none are found, then it uses the other values/english name to try to find something most suitable.