FLIR USB3 Spinnaker SDK Video Device In - setting camera options? (white balance...)


We’re planning to use FLIR usb3 cameras with TD, is it possible to set all the settings for them (like white balance) through TD?
Or is there a workaround? I don’t have one on hand at the moment and the person who does and has been doing prelim testing has less TD experience, it seems there’s a separate app (spinview) that allows to set all the options but they are not retained when the computer is restarted.
Anyway, curious what people experiences are!

Thank you!

We haven’t had these cameras in house for a couple years now, so the last state of the driver support is ~1.5-2 years ago. At that time the Spinnaker drivers were working well but they were new, now I am sure they have matured quite a bit. Don’t know about making the settings stick, it could be we need to update the SDK support, or that app might have a features to flash the cameras with those settings? Unfortunately we don’t have any in house but if you have time in your schedule to lend us hardware we could make the required updates.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for getting back to me, that’s good to know, we will keep doing a bit of research and see what’s possible and get back to you!

The workflow that we use is to launch Spinview to set all settings that we want. Once they are set, disconnect the camera in Spinview and use it with Touch.
Inside of Spinview you can define “user set” which is basically a set of settings. You can save and load those settings. We have created two user sets that we use mostly, so it’s quite fast to set those.

There is also a python Spinnaker SDK, that you can use to set settings. I have not tried it, but it should be possible to integrate that into Touch.

Hey Manuel, thanks, that sounds promising, also good call about the python sdk, will look into it more.