Floating Pane Quick-Launch Button Code

I have a little UI I use to control my project, and in there I have some buttons that launch a floating network pane for various containers I often need to go to for a second:


In my case, all of those containers are Geos or Bases that have GLOBAL Op shortcuts.

Well, to quickly create these buttons without having to worry about the underlying code each time I create one, this is the script that goes in the ‘Off to On Script’ parameter in each of the widget buttons:

p = ui.panes.createFloating(type=PaneType.NETWORKEDITOR, name="Output"); p.owner = getattr(op,me.name)

like so:

And then, I can simply make the name of the button widget match the global op shortcut name, and it’ll automatically launch that global op in a floating network window. Saves me a lot of time not having to split panes just to go somewhere for a few seconds.

Here’s a tox:

global-quicklaunch.tox (12.3 KB)

Hope someone else finds this useful.