Floating parameters window

Hey There,

Super noob, but also stuck in my ways. I have a large 4K screen and can’t deal with moving my seat left and right to see parameters. I know I can right click specifics and launch the parameters window per selected item.

What I’d like is a permanent parameters window that isn’t docked to the interface but open 24/7 and will change to whatever item I have selected. Is this possible?



On a side note, be aware you can split the screen (vertically and horizontally) as often as you want. Use the drop down in top right corner for that. I use a very wide curved screen and my TD setup is usually divided into at least 2-4 panels.

Thank you nettoyeur, a buddy of mine showed me that. It’s just in the way when I do that. It’s a personal preference to have it float. I’m a 3 screen dude as well. I just don’t like being stuck with it in the UI like that. I’m guessing the answer is no?

The answer is indeed no, afaik. If your network grows you’ll notice you will want to be in different spots/zoomlevels at the same time, so often people have multiple parameter windows open (each pane can have one, press P to disable/enable)

So you can set that up with a Parameter COMP, but it’ll be per file. Drop a parameter COMP somewhere in your project, toggle on options as you see fit and open up its floating viewer. For the Operator parameter, put down:


That should auto switch the parameter COMP to show the currently selected op for your current pane. Hope this helps.

Thank you selina, I’ll give this a shot!

I had the same issue and made a super quick tool to solve the problem.
I put together a field, parameter and popup and assigned it to the F5 key.

When you press F5, it will open this popup for any OP your mouse is currently over.
It will then focus on the search field so that you can quickly search for the parameter you are looking for instead of scrolling through all the pages.

searchPar_popup.tox (11.4 KB)

Whoa, I haven’t been using touch much, didn’t see this! That’s awesome harveymoon, thank you! Ha, super noob. I don’t know how to set this up.

there is no setup,
drop this TOX file into any project,

then press F5 when your mouse is over any op.

Excuse me if I am oversimplifying it, maybe I miss the point of what you are looking for. To get just a floating parameter window that follows your current pane I think you can do it using the built-in pane settings.

The steps are:

  • Make a new pane and set its view to ‘Parameters’
  • Link this pane to the pane you are doing your work in using the ‘Link Pane’ Menu. Even just this allows you to have parameters follow your main network in a separate pane. This is how I often work as the parameters overlaid in the same network (shortcut ‘p’) takes up more room than I would like very often
  • Make the parameter pane a ‘Floating Copy’ (Duplicate pane’ also works but you have a duplicate).

If you save your project like this, on reloading the ‘floating copy’ will no longer be floating so simply select ‘Floating Copy’ again to get back to where you were.
Here’s a video of that workflow

Hey all,

Thanks for all the responses and tips. I don’t want to come off like a jerk, but I don’t think it’s going to go the way I want, and that’s ok. I don’t want to do all sorts of tricks to make the windows behave as windows, or have duplicates just so I can float the parameters. I want to rid my UI of the docked parameters for good…seems like it’s not happening! HAHA.

If Touch, can’t or doesn’t do this…that’s ok. I appreciate everything you’ve all suggested.



Press ‘p’ and the parameters will not be displayed in the Network Editor.