Fluid simulation component - 2022-01-29 13:06

Fluid simulation component

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Hi ,

I saw that the tox you share is made with the experimental version . That is actually really cool to see glsl working with vulkan API. But will be super cool if you can share a version made with the stable one. Thanks


Wonderful - thanks for sharing!

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Oups I forgot that, thanks for your comment :slight_smile:
I upload the stable version.

WOWWWWW!!! THANKS!!! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you Josef.

Can you advise me, please?

I want to work in that vorticity (slower) but I really need to expand from the center to outwards. Without afect the center, like a mask. What parameter can I modify to do this?

Thank you in advanced

I’ve create a circle just with the border.

Thank for sharing this! I’m trying to edit the way colors are blended, but in the Fluid Simulation container the section “Look>Composite” really doens’t seem to work for this task.

Any idea where in the patch I can change how colors interact with each other? Right now I can create different traces each one with a different color, but ideally they will never have to blend with each other. Thanks in advance for those who can help!

so fun! i’m hoping to make this work with more than one motion input, i.e. more than one moving point driving the simulation. any advice on how to do this? i’ll be sending motion capture data in, instead of using the mouse position.