Flying cam tox for game controller / keyboard and mouse


After searching for a bit I’ve found @ben’s 2009 file to use a Playstation 2 controller to move a cam in space. I wanted to have the option to move in the direction of the cam as well, so I have also used Noto The Talking Ball .toe for that end.

Here you can find a custom tox with parameters to use either a game controller (8BitDo SN30 pro+ works right out of the tox, for the rest you need to map and adjust some ranges), or regular keyboard and mouse while pressing SHIFT on the render view screen. Navigation is similar to what you’d find on a standard video game these days.

You can also set to move in the camera direction or horizontally. I included smooth parameters for translation and rotation, rotation sensitivity and a fun speed boost mapped to a button/key, a reset position and Y rotation commands, and cam focal length change. Further instructions inside the tox.

Eventually I want to include cam snapshots to capture and recall positions and maybe cam path recording so you can play back camera flights.

I welcome suggestions for improvements and refinements so this can be as flexible as possible while still being easy to just plug and play.

Flying_cam.tox (27.4 KB)

Update 14/01/2023

  • Added cam snaps to quickly recall camera positions
  • Focal length reset added and current focal length preview (when changed with the controller or camera snaps)
  • Lots of refinements

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Congrats on finding what you were looking for from 14 years ago! :sweat_smile:

I’m glad that thing was still useful, and impressive it would still work.

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Added cam snaps and some refinements. File on OP post.