folder DAT / folder is not accessible


I’m trying to use a folder DAT and when in root folder I insert location of my folder appear a warning symbol and warn me that the folder is not accessible. My folder is in my desktop and it’s calls video. The expression that I use in root folder was app.samplesFolder+'video/'

Any idea of what I’m doing wrong? :question:

Thank U!

That warning means it can’t find the folder. By the looks of it you’re missing a slash between “Samples” and “video”.

You’re right the slash was missing. But I think that I was looking for the file in the wrong place too. I replaced app. SamplesFolder for project.folder and it’s working now.

Thank a lot for the help. I have another issue that maybe you can also help me!

I saw in a tutorial that, for example, if I´m using a Movie File In TOP and upload the file I can see the pathway and then if I click in the little plus symbol that is on the left I can see the expression of its location. But in my case I just can see the constant. When I click on the little square that is for expression it changes to the banana file again.

Anyway to solve this? Or any reason for this happens? Hope that I had expressed myself well. I´m really a Touchdesigner and Phyton noob any help or tips are very welcome.

In the tutorial they probably drag-dropped the image into TouchDesigner. By doing that it comes in as an expression.

By the sounds of it you put down a Movie File In TOP then used the browse button to pick a file. Nothing wrong with that. However, typically in that case it will come in as a constant value and the expression value will remain intact, which is why switching modes will give you the original banana.

Yeah, that’s explains why it was happening. I tried to drag and drop the video and now I can see the expression. :smiley:

Thank you once more!