Force COMP not updating location

windows11 - 2023.11600

I have a panel where I’m making force balls. It takes U, V and lselect. It works great when I’m using my mouse. So then I wanted to capture it, I make a gesture chop.

Now whenever the lselect decides if the force field is active, it gives the following error “Linear/Rotational forces are not supported. Only force fields are supported” but I’m only using the force field.

It acts very buggy, occasionally work and occasionally not. I’m not sure why.


Please see screenshots below. It’s only erroring when I’m referencing null7, saying that force is on when it’s not.

  1. I turn force field off. It’s fine. I turn it on. It’s fine.
  2. I insert a reference to ‘null7’ and it gives me the error about linear/rotational forces and doesn’t work properly.

Can you share a toe file that isolates the issue?