Forgetful MIDI Device mapper

Hi TD forum,
I have two MIDI devices connected to my laptop, a Behringer UMC soundcard, and a Novation XL, all working fine and happy.
However everytime I open the TD project, the Novation XL doesn’t appear anymore in the MIDI device mapper, instead I have the Behringer listed twice.
Each time I have to manually set one of the In Device back to the XL Novation (which is listed and appearing in the drop down menu).

Is there any workaround or a fix to this?

I am using TD 2021.14360

thank you!!

Hi @FaustoB,

this is a rather old build - are you able to repeat this faulty behavior in the latest release?

You could check if the device is listed in /local/midi/device


Hi Markus, currently I don’t have access to the latest release, and the machine I’m using for this project has that 2021 version of TD installed.

The midi device appears in local/midi, but for some reason I have to reselect it in the midi mapper everytime i open that project

Hi @FaustoB,

if it is in the device table, than it should work without having to reselect it and it sounds like a bug in the Midi Device Mapper.
If it’s not in that table I would recommend adding a Execute DAT which on start adds the device to the table manually.

Unfortunately the build is too old for us to do anything about it.


Thanks Markus, the midi device appears in the device table, but not in the midi mapper.
I’ll try with the execute DAT, that’s a good idea, thank you!