Format/scale discrepencies, mac vs pc, experimental vs stable

Attached is a ContainerCOMP demonstrating a few different UI consistency issues I’ve uncovered when testing some GUI elements between PC stable/experimental, and mac versions

expected look is exhibited when loaded in Windows stable 28110. All is well with the universe

in windows experimental 46540, the Segoe UI Symbols font(.ttf included) from the center row of icons doesn’t display properly

On both mac builds (28110 and 46540) the behavior is the same: Segoe UI icons behave properly (if the ttf is installed), but the scaling of the font when drilling into the bottom Knobs numerical field doesn’t display properly. This appears to be an issue of the ‘auto-fit if too large’ function of the text top being deactivated. Further investigation suggests that in the PC version, Automatic display method for the font chooses a polygon, but on the mac side, the same parameter returns a bitmap, disabling auto-fit.

My final UI discrepancy is with how the palette Lister displays/scales background TOPs between operating systems. On a PC you can read the ‘Active’ column checkbox toggle button in the Lister(checkbox* in the listerConfig folder), but it doesn’t render properly on a Mac, displaying the top impossibly tiny. Setting the checkbox* TOPS to about 40x16 renders properly, but this demonstrates a different problem with the Lister, which is how topfill works… it seems to be stretch by default, but the standard fill h/v/best, and native resolution options for bg TOP behavior would be very helpful

Let me know if you need any further clarification, hopefully checking these out side by side on a mac/pc will be illustrative of the (1.1 MB)

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This discrepancies between macOS and Windows will all be fixed in the next build we post. How the lister topfill works will require further inspection. Thanks for the report.

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The Segoe UI Symbol icons not showing up when in automatic mode will also be fixed in the 2021.10330 that was just posted. However, you’ll need to clear out your TouchDesigner font cache to make them appear. Or at least the file that starts with SEGUISYM.TTF*.slug. This file is located in

And on your mac it will be found in
~/Library/Application Support/Derivative/TouchDesigner099/FontCache

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wanted to bump a request for Lister topfill options… a best fill default would be stellar


That definitely would be useful

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