Found a great external table editor at

Hey just thought I’d throw it out there, I found an awesome candidate for an external table editor that is lightweight, quick, can open MASSIVE files, and is very versatile / intuitive.

It’s even got fancy features like selecting and editing multiple cells at once, quick reordering of rows / columns or moving of cells / blocks of cells (alt+arrow keys) and will update it’s view instantly when the file is changed elsewhere.

I’ve found that if you link a table DAT to a .TSV file and turn on File Sync, it’s super easy to go back and forth between TD and Modern CSV and the changes almost sync instantly: you still have to press CTRL+S in ModernCSV, but I put in a feature request for instant saving along with the already implemented instant re-loading.

I’m certainly not being paid to shill for this, but I’ve been looking for a modern csv / tsv editor for YEARS and appearantly all I had to do was type that into google. It does cost ~$25USD to unlock some of the more advanced features (and obviously, support the creator), but for the most part everything you could want for working with TD is free forever (no trial periods).


thanks for this @Peeet ! A good table editor is essential. Was using Excel / LibreOffice until now, I’ll try this. It seems suite slow on first startup, but I guess this is the same as Visual Code (and most modern apps), it just needs to be loaded all the time if you use it daily.

question: when editing a DAT it combines all DAT columns to a single column in the modernCSV GUI- is this a limitation of the free version or a preference I can set?

@nettoyeur it looks like if you go to preferences > edit file extension options, you can define py files to be correctly interpreted by assigning (auto) to the Delimiter category

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Yeah I think because of the .py extension, it doesn’t know what to do. Definitely @drmbt’s suggestion is a permanent solution, but also, you can just click on the “Delimiter:” text in the lower right corner of the window and change the delimiter there on the fly.

As far as I can tell, everything you would need for TD is in the free version. The paid version just gets you fancy stuff like filtering, conversion, joining, transposing, etc…

But honestly $24 for life is a steal if you ask me. And I was able to install it on both my laptop and my desktop using the same license, so there’s that.