Fps info from spout in top

is there any reason we don’t get the fps value from the spout in top when viewed in an info chop?

I assume because Spout is simply reading a texture from the memory of the GPU, there isn’t an ‘FPS’ tied to it, as it is simply whatever is ready in the memory. Could be wrong here though


Correct, we don’t get any FPS information from Spout

thats so frustrating.
is there no way to “geuss” or calculate it so that its built into it.
so liek the spout toolkit, from the api has a little viewer window and if memory serves me it shows an fps.
or like in resolume when i have a spout in, that “clip” when selected will tell me what its fps is.
this may be redundent but i just feel like having some indication within a “in” chop of the “fps” would be useful to many!!

thanks and if not…ill just calculate it based on the gpu ms i geuss…

That FPS is only showing you the rate at which the app is refreshing, but it may be reading the same frame over and over from Spout. The FPS won’t reflect that.
At best the FPS of the source application may be the most accurate, but Spout doesn’t have any notion of a hand-off sync. This means the source app may make a frame and the overwrite it, and the receiver only sees the second one, effectively losing a frame. There is no way to detect that.

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been having some spout isses (will make a seprate post,)
but found this in the spout settings.
seems like it is sending a frame number, maybe we can get it in a future version :smiley:


Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Looks like it’s a new feature in 2.007+ of Spout. I’ll add an upgrade to my todo