Thanks Jonathan.

Adam, I actually went to load Fragtool after your message a found it caused TD to crash. Not sure why yet, I’ll look into it later this week.


Hey Keith, I can open the 099 file in 099 without a crash, so if you can reproduce it and send us the .dmps we’ll try our best to fix it.

However, the file doesn’t work correctly in 099. looks like some UI isn’t populating (the Preset list is only 3 entries of [Default1, Default2, Default3] and some UI sliders are troublesome. The file starts out as an orange cube instead (the 088 file starts out as a nice fractal) which you can start playing with, so perhaps its just the presets that are broken.

Thanks Ben, I’ll take a look at the UI issues.

It turned out that the crash was caused by a new project based on Fragtool called Coordinate that had GLSL TOP that was causing the crash… So the crash is resolved for now (or at least not happening).

currently in love, wondering how i didn’t stumble across this sooner. thank you for your hard work! my only issue currently is the spacemouse navigation seems locked to the animation timeline, i can’t seem to get it to control the camera window. this is my most desired feature for sure.

the incremental control on sliders is lost along with animation on formula and lighting tabs - the mouse or spacenav aren’t navigating also so yeah looks like animation on camera presets work correctly.