Frame hold? (Display only odd numbered frames)

Hi everyone, so I’m trying to achieve a frame hold effect kind of like the old video “strobe” effect, or another way of thinking of it is a sort of fake “down-converting” of the video’s framerate (e.g. 60fps → 30fps).
However I want specifically only the odd numbered frames to be displayed, so if normally the frames are displayed 1->2->3->4->5->6… instead I would like the frames to be displayed as 1->1->3->3->5->5…
So I fed the sample “” file (to help verify) into a Cache TOP and set the step size to 2 and achieved basically the effect I was looking for but I’m getting hung up on some technical quirk here the way the Cache TOP loads its frames or something… so if I pause the timeline it sometimes throws the Cache out of sync from where I want it to be and will start displaying even frames instead of odd, or displays the odd numbered frames out of phase from the beginning. Also if I pause the timeline and manually advance frame-by-frame the cache just synchronizes to what’s fed into it rather than behaving as it does whilst in playback.

Is there any way to force TD to consistently display only the odd frames? (While maintaining the ability to pause playback and frame-by-frame control?)
odd_frames.toe (3.4 KB)

Maybe an over-simplistic solution, but have you tried to set the Step size to 2 in your Movie File In with the (disregarding the cache top I mean).
It seems to be working fine, even with paused timeline and manually going back and forth frame by frame.

WOW. :rofl: I did not know that was an option that is exactly what I was asking for hahahaha. Thank you very much!

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