Framed - building projection photo booth


An interactive projection installation by The Electric Canvas developed for the 2017 Enlighten Festival held in Canberra, Australia.

The installation consisted of a custom-built photo booth with an on board green screen, fold back monitor, camera, lighting and speakers for sound effects.

Participants entered the photo booth to have their picture taken, which was subsequently added into a steam-powered conveyorbelt projected onto the façade of the iconic National Portrait Gallery.

Photos were taken in the booth by pushing a big red button, triggering an Arduino Microcontroller to control the flash relay and timer countdowns. Once an image was taken, it was fed into a touch player running the monitor, sound effects and pre-processing of the image. It was then passed to the render server running all of the composition, outputs and audio.

The photos moved along the conveyer belt until they were dropped into a frame at the opposing end where the person’s face was distorted over 5-10 seconds using an assortment of 15 glsl shaders.

The content was a mixture of 2d pre-rendered compositions of smoke and gears, using 5 x 26K video projectors with an array of speakers to transform the building into a grinding, smoking and churning machine.

The development of this installation couldn’t have been realised in the time frame without the amazing shade toy conversion written by Guillaume Bourassa and Sebastian Gravel. Thank you guys very much for you work on this module!

unfortunately the video doesn’t show the glsl shaders being used

Nice work. Looks very cool! Makes a photobooth at a wedding look archaic :laughing: :smiley:

Hi Blake, great work!
Probably a very easy solution but I have a newbie to Touchdesigner and Arduino.I am currently working on an arduino button that will trigger the Add Frame option under movie file out TOP. I managed to work the arduino button to show up on touchdesigner via serial (every time i click the button it changes from 0 to 1), however I couldn’t figure out what the python code was for it to add frame. Do you mind helping me out?