FREE Online Artist Talk - TD for A/V Shows

On 29th of June Stanislav Glazov will hold an online public talk about the technical part of Antarctic Takt.

Antarctic Takt is an audiovisual performance, created by musician Dasha Rush and visual artist Stanislav Glazov. Originally developed for the Berlin-based Atonal Festival 2014, this show was highly appreciated at countless venues and festivals worldwide.

Photorealistic immersive visuals, produced by Stanislav Glazov for a full-dome version of Antarctic Takt are considered as one of his most remarkable works. Full of mystery, contrasts and impossible landscapes they send the audience on an imaginative 3D journey to an abstract Antarctica.

On 29th of June, after 5 years of performing Antarctic Takt around the world, Stanislav Glazov will hold a public talk about this show. For the first time, he will discuss the technical features of Antarctic Takt and other AV Projects and briefly introduce the concepts, data sources, and tools, which can be used by visual artists in their work.

Registration is free

Was any of this recorded, or any of the project open sourced? Would love to see behind the scenes on this!