Free + Open Source TouchDesigner book

Amazing - thank you! As a total n00b who just installed TD, this will be very helpful!

Welcome to the community andrejones! This book is great, enjoy.

Great, thanks! I’ll dig in :slight_smile:

Is this book available in another format? I’m allergic to LaTex.

if you go to the link posted above: … er/details
there is a button top-right “Download as PDF/ePub/Mobi”

The first post is a bit old now, so we’re not using latex anymore. It’s all in markdown and a service called GitBooks renders the markdown into a web readable version, pdf, epub, mobi, etc.

If you go to nettoyeur’s link there’s different reading options there.

Hey elburz,

I just would like to say thanks for this book! I’ve created my account here only to say thank you very much!

I’m from Brazil and I was looking for good info about TouchDesign. I hope you get always the best!

Thank you very much!

Thanks! :smiley:

Glad it helps!

Hello elburz,

I never saw this Book before. Thanks for sharing your content!

You deserve the best,
Rafael Querido

Hi all !
It’s well written and makes it easy to understand the workflow in TD. Already half way through this book, can’t wait to put some of the concepts into практике. Thank you very much!

Thank you! Consider contributing to the book on Github or making your own tutorials for other users. Every little bit helps.

I am a TouchDesign beginner, so this book does help me a lot.
It has been written in detail that easy to follow
Thanks Nvoid for sharing.

:smiley: No problem.

Thank you…!


when I open the files by Touchdesigner and i found it’s empty in there,who can tell me why??

Thank you, bro!
That book is helping me a lot :smiley:

No problem :slight_smile: A pleasure.

Thanks for the helpful material

Any time :slight_smile: