FreeD - zoom and focus

Hello everyone, how can I use zoom and focus values in camera container? I have a mo-sys star tracker output setted as freeD

The zoom and focus values in FreeD are defined by the tracker system, so you might need to check in the mo-sys documentation to see how to convert those values to something that is usable by TouchDesigner.

Generally speaking, the zoom (and to a lesser extent the focus) would define the field of view or focal length on the Camera COMP’s View page.

If you can’t find the documentation, you might be able to find the relationship through experimentation by comparing the focal length (or field of view) on the camera and the corresponding value in the FreeD CHOP.

Once you know the relationship, you can convert the zoom channel using either an Expression CHOP (if you know the equation) or possibly using a lookup table and the Lookup CHOP.

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