Full Screen Auto Vertical Switching

I wonder if there is a way for the horizontal screen to automatically switch to vertical screen when changing to full screen.
I want to see the sample file…

Hi @kijhome,

depends a bit how you are going fullscreen:

  • If you are using the Perform Mode for this, then have a look at the Perform CHOP. It has a Perform Mode parameter which, when enabled, will output a channel indicating if you are currently in perform mode or not.

  • if you are using a Window COMP seperatly, use an Info CHOP, referencing the Window COMP in the Operator parameter. The Info CHOP will now have a channel called “winopen” indicating if the window is open or not.

Hope this helps

I don’t quite understand…
Is it possible to check it as an image…?

Hey @kijhome,

i might be misunderstanding your question. Just to make sure, can you ellaborate perhaps also posting a file that explains what you are trying to do?

Attached is a file that uses the Perform CHOP to switch between a horizontaly and verticaly oriented texture.

orientationSwitch.toe (5.9 KB)