Fullscreen flicker with dropdown widget[Win 10 2020.25380]

I am getting some flicker every time I open a dropdown widget in full screen
if i run with borders it dose not happen

maybe it is the same issue as this

Yeah, looks the same as the other report, we’ve added it to the database.

This is expected currently. When you fully take over the monitor with a borderless window the Nvidia driver enters an exclusive higher performance mode that avoids frame drops due to the Windows Compositor. Opening another window (such as a dropdown menu) throws you out of this exclusive mode, which causes a driver mode-change and a flicker. We are looking at ways to allow for dropdown menus to work better with Perform mode, but those are still in the works.
It’s a tradeoff right now, you can also make your perform window 1 pixel smaller than your monitor and that’ll avoid the driver entering exclusive mode.