Fully / finish implementing parameter unit drop downs?

Hi, so it would be wonderful to have these drop down’s working like normal parameters, ie. set an expression, etc.

I learned from Jean-François Renaud on facebook that these dropdowns are actually accessible if you take the name of the parameter (start) and append “unit” to it, so the full param name would be “startunit”.

This works as expected almost entirely which is cool, so I can set the value via
someOp.par.startunit = 'seconds'

However, if I try to set an expression for this parameter, such as:
op('a').par.startunit.expr = 'int(me.time.frame / 60)%3'
op('a').par.startunit.mode = ParMode.EXPRESSION

it does in fact set the value once, but it doesn’t seem to have it’s own internal dependency and so it doesn’t update on it’s own.

Binding and Exports do not seem to work at all.

Could we get these features implemented for this parameter type? Also, would be great to have this documented in the wiki some where (apologies if it is, haven’t found it yet)


Hi! I would like to add something in this RFE from Lucas.
Considering that when we reset a parameter (when right click over par name and choose “reset parameter”), it goes back to the default initial value, I suggest that the same happens to the associated units menu. It should go back to the default unit.

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Two different RFEs but they are both in our todo list, thanks!