Fur Shader Alpha Blending Problem

Hey hey,

I’ve been building a fur shader. I’m using a geometry shader to create layers along normals, with some directional displacment.

Things are generally looking pretty good…


I’m trying to reduce the alpha of my texture as the fragment shader progresses up the layers.

finalColor.a *= 1.5-iVert.currentLayer; // normalized (0-1) passed from geo shader

But I’m having trouble getting the blending right…

I’ve got blending / alpha-to-coverage enabled and I’ve tried all manner of blending options.

Any ideas what I might be missing?

Thanks for any help with this hairy problem, it’s always hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

Project File: FurBlendingIssue.toe (392.9 KB)

(PS I’ve seen the Swimming Fur Bal and am in the process of upgrading it to GLSL 4, I can see it’s been done with instancing so I do wonder if the drawing order works better that way?)

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