Future of rendering powered by usd and hydra delegates?

This isn’t actually RFE, bur rather a question that is meant to start a discussion on this topic… I have been thinking about future of rendering in touchdesigner and I was wondering whether it might be beneficial to get down the rabbit hole and implement support for rendering with hydra delegates?

I understand it would require huge time investment, but it could possibly be a very good step in terms of the built-in rendering capabilities. I guess there will be more and more hydra render delegates oriented towards real-time rendering coming in following years. Therefore having support for usd and hydra inside of touchdesigner could mean that users could utilize all of the future rendering improvements without further development needed on touchdesigner side.

Currently there aren’t many hydra render delegates designed to be used for real-time rendering, but I feel like this will gradually shift also into real-time direction. These are some of the strong players in the area that have or will likely have hydra delegates in the future - Brigade, Omniverse, Redshift RT, Embree, Unreal Engine (OTOY claimed they are working on pure hydra delegate of UE), Eevee (not really on the roadmap anywhere, but Cycles are being converted to hydra delegate and I guess Eevee might join the party later?).

This is just an idea, I am not really sure about it, but would love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:


I am searching for this kind of integration too but I doubt most people here even know what this means/what it does.

Moonray will support it too and it will be open source!

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Very early tests showing workflows with Unity / UE5 hydra delegates running in DCC packages. :slight_smile: