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Side question regarding the oscmapper - is there a particluar syntax I need to use when dealing with a multi-parameter object? When I have a multi-slider with several values, say, Parameters/x1, x2, etc.), the mapper seems to only read x and z; x1 and x2 do not appear to register at all.

Not sure I do follow. Are you talking about parameters in TouchDesigner as in MultiParameters or are you talking about input from Lemur?

Ah, input from Lemur - I have a single multislider object with 10 sliders in Lemur; the osc address is /Parameters/x, and TD receives each individual slider as /Parameters/x1, /Parameters/x2, etc. Oscmapper does not seem to do anything if I set the value to any of those - only Parameters/x and Parameters/z work.

Can you put down a OscInDAT and an OscInCHOP and show me how the incoming data looks like.
It should work but feels like lemur might be sending a batch instead of single message.
So instead of sending
/fader/x1 = 0, /fader/x2 = 2 […]
It sends all faders in one go
/fader/x = 0;2;3;4 […]

I could see if I can find a nice way for this chunked behaviour but first would need to see the message cming from Lemur.

Here you go! I believe you are correct:

Interresting that the oscInCHOP is mmapping them out, feels like this is a new behaviour.
I think I will not add this behaviour to the OSC-Mapper has this opens up a big can of worms in regard to Learning, etc.
But (!)
Check out the GalileoMapper which will be the default for the future which is a generic ChopBased Mapping-Solution. Just use the OscInDAT and feed it in to the galileoMapper. Rest stays the same.

Understood - I’ll try that out. Thanks!!