Gamepad not found in TD

Hey you fine people,

i have a installation coming up where you control a game inside TD with an input device. Ideally i want it to be a USB gamecontroller, looking like an oldschool NES controller. I bought this one to do the job: - HutoPi NES USB controller

It looks awesome but i cannot get any midi/chop information into TD when i press the buttons.
I couldnt find a drivers for the gamepad either. I also tried to create a new midi mapping but nothing happened.
Do you have any suggestions on how i can pipe the button information into Touch Designer?

My specs:
-TD :2023.11510
-Windows 10
-GPU: RTX A6000
-CPU: 2th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-12700F 2.10 GHz
-RAM: 32GB

Thank you so much!


Hi @rindergehacktes,

Did you try the Joystick CHOP instead - i would guess that this is not a Midi but gamepad device.



sorry for the late reply. The Joystick chop does actually gets rid of another problem i have, so thank you for that tip. It still doesnt read the data from my USB game controller… Do you maybe have another suggestion on what i could try? Thanks so much!

The Joystick CHOP should work with any USB game controller - you may need to plug in the controller before starting TouchDesigner - can you try that?

…btw. sorry for never following up on you. Your suggestion did actually fix my problem. Thank you!

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