Games in Touchdesigner


I’ve been playing around with Touch for a few months now and I’m starting to get my head around a few ideas. I’ve noticed that people are using touch for visuals with some basic interaction, but not many games. Should I continue to dig into touch for these purposes or would it be arguably better to use something like unity or processing.

I’m having a bit of trouble getting my head around how I should handle game logic. Should I be handling this through python or C++ within touch? An example of the “proper” way to handle logic in touch would be helpful, something as simple as a pong game would help me get my head around how people are handling things.


If your target is purely developing games, I’d suggest just using a pure game engine, as many things you’ll need in your game are standard features in those engines, and often only possible via hacks in TD. Not to mention the capability to deploy on a multitude of (mobile) platforms.

Apart from the elephants in the room (Unity and Unreal) I would suggest looking at the fully open source Godot Game engine, which is one of the the best platforms for 2D games, and since release 3 also very impressive realtime 3d graphics features ,such as global illumination (disclaimer: I’m of their Patreon supporters so a bit biased :wink: )

Thanks for the response, godot looks like a cool game engine that I’m going to check out, love their mission.

My target is not purely game development its more some games for physical spaces that get people to play and connect with each other. The people at Play electric are creating work in the same realm of what I’m looking to do.

Many of my ideas use don’t use a standard controller, instead they utilize other devices like Kinect, lidar and voice. The output of these tools then control visuals that could range from a traditional 2d game to just needed to know when two objects touch.

I love touch for its ability to link hardware together and gel well with the node based workflow but get hung up when I want build something more game like. Would you recommend to still use touch to pipe into another software that then outputs the game visuals?

Any examples or tutorials around logic you can point me too on how people would detect when two objects collide for example and or a more robust game with in Touch Designer?

Hi wirelesstaco
for a start,

Please check the following snippets under the help tab:
Chop execute in DAT section.
Bullet solver feed-backing example in comp section.

You can start your own example and I will happy to look in it and help.

Will do. Thanks.