Gathering informations about all export destinations of a CHOP?

Hi there,

I have a null that “collect” all channels I need to export to many destination.
I’d like to gather some information about all current destinations it is currently exporting.

  • node’s path
  • parameter’s name
  • parameter’s min & max

The idea is to share the result for displaying it in different places of my network, for helping purpose.
We can imagine to do that sporadically. I push a button, it gathers things and I can see the table results in different BASEs.

Would you do this with a Script DAT ?
Any pointers to this ?

A scriptDAT would be a reasonable way to do this. An evaluateDAT would be another option.

When getting a node’s absolute path from a relative path, the OP.evalExpression function is critical:

exportTable.evalExpression("op('" + relativePathInExportTableCell + "')")