Geforce vs Quadro w/ SDI Outputs (AJA KONA 5)


Wondering what kind of performance I could expect using an RTX 2080 Super to output video to an AJA KONA 5. My understanding is that Geforce cards don’t support GPUDirect and will have a performance impact vs Quadros, but if I’m outputting only 1 or 2 4k outputs, will this be enough of a load to matter?

You’ll possibly see poor performance with 2 4K outputs. Even if we ignore GPU direct the Geforce cards have a about 1/10th the GPU->CPU download speed of a Quadro, which is super important for any output operation. It’s possible the 2080 is faster, but I know when I was working with the 970 a while back an equivalent Quadro was necessary to do 8K output from a Blackmagic 8k

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