Generating artifacting or digital noise within TD


I am curious about ways to generate digital artifacting, noise, aliasing etc. within Touch Designer. I am new to TD - come from using Max/MSP’s Jitter functions and then processing further in Adobe Premier, and I am curious if I could fully streamline within TD.

For reference, I mean things that were common to “FMV” full motion video clips in 1990s video games. Here is a cheeky example from something called VNC: Virtual Night Club -

Another example would be earlier CCD sensors on cheap digital point and shoot cameras - take note of the grainy background with caustic colors and chromatic aberration - … 474651.jpg

I can think of three easy ways so far. One would be running content through the SSAO TOP and turning down settings. It can very quickly get a chunky, artifacting look which I love (and use), but I am wanting other methods to complement.

Second would be using a noise TOP with monochrome off, animating part of the transform to get subtle motion in the Noise TOP and using a composite TOP to blend the colored noise together. It isn’t copying earlier digital rendering methods but should approximate some of it.

Third would be turning down color bit depth and resolution, but doesn’t fully capture the essence since modern GPU processes are a different graphic structure.

Are there any other creative or inventive ways to doing this? I know I can also get a digital point and shoot, turn off noise reduction, create a video loop and blend that in, but I am curious more about causing procedural processing in TD that creates caustic, artifacting texture rather than superimposed noise and grit.

Maybe check the tutorial series “make some noise”: … hdesigner/