Generating responsive grids for content placement

Hi everyone, I’m hoping to get some general pointers for a project I’ve just started working on. I need to create a system which can create a grid with boxes of multiple sizes, and distribute content on that grid which is scaled or stretched to fit the generated boxes.

For visual reference I’ve attached a gif below. Essentially I’m looking to build a setup which can take inputs (primarily TOPS probably) and use them to create a flexible visual system.

If anybody is able to help point me in the direction of how to start building such a system I’d be very grateful! I’ve been looking at the Layout TOP & Instancing but it’s not quite clicking yet.

Cheers, C


I suggest looking at widgets and how to build a UI, as that’s the only thing besides manually overlaying things that I would think to work. That way you can customize the look to your liking, and add content as needed.

Thanks for the tip! I assumed the UI building was primarily for creating UI elements to control a patch so I must have missed that