Generative Art Meets Blockchain Tech

Hey TD community,

I haven’t been around here for a while… I was using Touch Designer for hobby level projection mapping art installations and, well, I had a kid and tinkering with that sort of stuff kind of got lost a bit. So I’m super out of practice with TD although I downloaded the osx version and am trying to warm back up to it little by little :slight_smile:

Anyways in the interim I’ve gotten incredibly involved in blockchain technology, also as a hobby, and as an artist I’ve been working on developing a use case for blockchain technology that involves generative art.

Curious if anyone out there is interested in tinkering with this platform I’ve created. I’m working with a few people in the Processing community on some proof of concept projects and would love to include some TD projects as well.

The platform involves using the hashes output from the Ethereum blockchain as a “random” input for generative type art installations. If you already have a project that internally generates random inputs it might relatively simple to integrate with my platform without too much work. Or if you want to learn more about and build something from scratch that’s totally cool too.

The “special” part of this project involves user/audience interaction, and it’s all driven within the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts in a way that’s never really existed before. Ultimately if this platform is proven successful it will actually create a potential revenue stream for art/game projects connected to outputs from this project.

Anyways, enough rambling. If this is even REMOTELY interesting to you please reach out to me I’d love to chat with ya. I just opened a discord server too if you’d like to join the conversation (although currently I’m the only one there).

Look forward to your feedback, and if this project is successful, to sharing it more formally with the community as a platform powering interactive generative art using smart contract technology.


Hey, little late to the party but i’m really curious about integrating blockchain data into my generator workflows!

The discord link is expired, anywhere to find out more?